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Salvia Divinorum definitely is a special, even an extraordinary and visionary herb indeed and rising in popularity. When we're talking about the recreational drugs, we do NOT mention Salvia Divinorum, because Salvia is NOT a recreational drug at all. However, according to many, produces deep, even profound states of awareness and that can be used for many different purposes, such as meditation, self-reflection and even for contemplation.

Many claim Salvia's effects are pretty darn unique and i hear they can't be compared to any other drugs you can find anywhere? Not sure about that, since i haven't tried them all ;), but i guess it can be true? That is something you have to experience yourself, so...

Now, where you're buying Salvia, either online or offline, you need to be careful not to "buy into" all the hype and exaggarations from the media and greedy vendors. They will say and even make up some crazy stories just to "get you" to buy THEIR Salvia, so that they could run with your money. Be careful when dealing with someone you don't know or trust. I suggest you take the time and go find positive reviews or testimonials about the vendor you're buying Salvia from first. There are lots of scammers out there just waiting to take your money and sell you some low-quality s*it, only to leave you with nothing. Don't be naive, do your due dilligence and buy Salvia from someone you can trust.

So, to focus on the positive, there are a few Salvia vendors who have built their reputation over time and i suggest you check those first. If you're looking on where to buy Salvia online (which i guess you do anyway, since you're reading this?), i recommend checking BouncingBearBotanicals.com. This IS the s*it man!! ;)
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